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Jewellery by Melanie von Pfetten-Arnbach

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Jewellery Care

Gold Filled jewellery is 12 to 14kt gold heat bonded to a base metal such as brass, rhodium, copper or sterling silver. To be called Gold Filled, the gold content must be at least 1/20th the weight of the total piece. Gold filled jewellery is cared for in the same manner as other precious jewellery. Gold filled jewellery tarnishes or dulls through oxidation, contact with skin and skincare products and perfumes. Clean regularly using a soft cloth or possibly very gently with a gold polishing cloth. Careful not to rub too hard over the  woven parts of your jewellery. Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewellery are actually somewhat abrasive or corrosive. NEVER immerse your jewellery in a jewellery cleaning liquid. Always keep your gold filled jewellery in its silk pouch.

With proper care your gold filled jewellery can last a lifetime. It does not chip or peel as gold plated jewellery does. Heavy wear and rough conditions will of course impact on how your jewelry looks. Water, salt water, chlorine (swimming pools) and all heavy detergents and cleaning agents should be avoided. Woven and raised parts of your jewellery will be more vulnerable and should be worn with care. The weaving thread may wear with time but my semi-precious woven jewellery is very easy to repair provided beads are available. See next section.